Sold and shipped by CAFES HENRI. ELSASS CAFE BIO is a wonderful blend of 4 arabicas from Africa, America and Asia. These plantations from organic farming make it possible to certify a natural product and its label MAX HAVELAAR confirms the commitment that we put to using controlled products. This coffee, created by Frédéric STEINER the owner himself, and roasted in our establishments in Alsace following a slow method unique in Europe. The slow method allows the complete development of the aromas. Its remarkable taste is absolutely unique, it is a coffee that one does not forget, that remains engraved in your memory gustative.Doux, rich in aromas with a zest of vigor, Very long in the mouth.This coffee uses the degree of roasting called « DRESS DE MOINE » « , neither too light nor too dark … it allows the complete development of the 800 aromas that make up a coffee.Convidence for automatic machine with crusher Grain mills. 100% ARABICA. Net weight 250g. We guarantee a minimum of 12 months of storage on this product

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